Why T Shirt Printing Is No Friend to Small Business

Why T Shirt Printing Is No Friend to Small Business

T shirt printing is a fun, creative hobby. It’s also a great way to make some extra money if you have a small business. Here are some reasons why t shirt printing is no friend to small business.

T shirt printing is a great way to express yourself in a creative way, without having to spend countless hours on creating digital art or illustrations. You can print your designs or photos on clothing and bags of all types, allowing you to have fun with your creativity and individuality.

If you want to print on clothing, it gets more complicated, but not much. You can still use an inkjet printer if you have one with a higher resolution (1200 DPI), but for most applications we suggest using a heat press or screenprinting setup for best results. If you have some extra money to spend and want professional quality prints, then outsourcing may be the way to go – there are many options available depending on your budget and needs!

Custom t shirts are a great way to advertise your business. They are a fun, creative way to promote your company or message. You can use custom t shirt printing Hong Kong to get your message across and make a statement.

Custom t-shirts aren’t just great for advertising purposes; they’re also an excellent fundraiser! If you want to raise funds for your organization or charity but don’t have the time or money needed for other fundraising methods, then making custom t-shirts is perfect for you! A lot of people love wearing them so much that they’ll pay good money just so they can wear one every day and there’s no better feeling than knowing that each time someone wears it, he/she is supporting something worthwhile in return!

If you want to take advantage of the growing popularity of printed t shirts, all you need is a printer and some ink. There are many types of t shirt printers on the market, but most models only cost about $100. Choosing a good model for your needs can be tricky if you’re not sure what to look for.

The first thing you need to consider when selecting a t shirt printer is whether or not it will perform well with the fabric that interests you most. Do you want to print on cotton? Polyester? Rayon? You can use any one of these fabrics with the right printer!

A second consideration should be how much space there is in your office or home where you plan on using it. Most printers have very small footprints (the amount of space they occupy), which means they won’t take up valuable office real estate if placed somewhere out-of-the-way like under a desk or behind filing cabinets. Just make sure there’s enough room for them so no one trips over cords that may run across floors!


T-shirt printing is a fun hobby and can also be used for a small business. Printing on clothing is one way to express yourself in a creative way, advertise your business, or just have something fun for special occasions. If you’re looking for new ways to print shirts, then we hope this article has given you some ideas!