What Can You Do If The Insurance Adjuster Ignores You

What Can You Do If The Insurance Adjuster Ignores You

You are not alone if you have filed a claim with the insurance company and they keep ignoring your calls and emails instead of responding. Insurance companies use various dirty tactics to avoid giving you the money you deserve, and this is one of them. If you were in an accident, you should know how to deal with such insurance adjusters and their tricks.

First of all, do not panic or become scared when this happens to you. They want the claimants to get frustrated and give up on seeking compensation money. The best way to deal with insurance companies is to hire and click this source to learn more.

Steps to take when the insurance adjuster ignores you

1. Manage your expectations for dealing with the insurance company.

Before you even begin dealing with the insurance company after an accident in the workplace, you should tell yourself to have low expectations of them. Despite what they like to advertise, the insurance company does not want the best for you. They want to keep their money in their pockets as long as possible and avoid giving it to you. Even if they agree to give you some amount, securing the amount you deserve won’t be easy.

2. Follow up with the insurance adjuster.

Sometimes the insurance adjusters are busy and not trying to ignore you. They handle a multitude of cases at once, and responding to so many calls and emails may not be easy for them. Keep sending them friendly emails and reminders to get things back on track. A few reminders may prompt them to call you back.

3. Do not give up.

If the insurance company is purposefully ignoring you, its goal is to force you to give up. Do not do that. No matter how much effort it takes, keep calling them and sending emails daily. It is always best to be provocative regarding the benefits you are entitled to. It can be frustrating to call and text them daily when you have other important things to do, but letting the adjuster know you will not give up will make them more inclined to respond.

4. Hire a workers’ comp attorney to deal with the adjuster.

You can take your first legal step when nothing works and hire an attorney. Insurance adjusters are more likely to take you seriously when they see you have strong legal representation by your side. Your attorney will know how to make the insurance adjuster respond.