Top 7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Has A Great Future

Are you still skeptical about the effects of digital marketing? Then you should check out these eight research-based facts.

We are in the age of digitization.

The internet, smartphones, social media, and blogs are taking up more and more space in our lives and we are consuming more digital content on average than ever before.

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More and more things are going digital – including shopping. Companies that do not rely on online marketing are taking a big risk and risking huge losses in sales.

Here are 8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Has a Great Future.

1. Digital Marketing drives sales and ROI higher

In the past seven years, the market research institute Nielsen has carried out more than 800 studies on the relationship between online advertising and online purchases.

Based on this purchase-based information, the researchers concluded that for every dollar they invested in digital advertising, companies could earn nearly three times the return on investment.

2. Marketing Country Digital advertising increases the effectiveness of analog media channels.

An econometric study by BrandScience and Microsoft shows that digital advertising not only delivers excellent ROI efficiency but also has a positive effect on analog advertising.

The direct comparison of the efficiency of the ROI in studies with and without online elements has shown that adding digital advertising to the media mix has a positive effect on the ROI.

3. Marketing Country Digital advertising affects the entire customer journey

Because car manufacturers are very experienced in dealing with digital media and therefore have a whole range of data at their disposal, the consulting company McKinsey has examined the reasons for a consumer’s purchase decision.

It was not only found that digital advertising is decisive for the decision to buy a car, but also has a significant influence on purchasing behavior itself.

In traditional media, brands were very limited in their ability to influence and could only marginally influence the entire customer journey. This does not apply to digital media.

4. Digital advertising makes word-of-mouth advertising scalable

According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers are more likely to believe recommendations from friends and family than any kind of advertising.

And there’s little doubt that digital advertising can hugely amplify word of mouth using social media and the ability to share.

The providers of their tools, which are ubiquitous in the USA, allow you an insight into the life and behavior of 95 percent of all US Internet users on over two million publisher sites and over 120 social media channels.

The quantitative study “Return on a Share, Quantifying the Monetary Value of Social Sharing” shows that:

Word-of-mouth recommendations have a greater impact on purchasing decisions than brand name and price.

5. Creative digital advertising encourages interactions and increases brand value

It is well known that the creativity of an advertisement is the most important factor in the effectiveness of the advertisement.

A fundamental study by comScore ARS shows that creative, high-quality advertising generates more than half of the sales for the brands examined – which is four times higher than the effects of the respective media plan.

Digital creativity complements classic advertising with the element of interactivity and thus ensures greater effectiveness.

6. Digital advertising is more efficient than advertising in traditional media

Digital advertising can generally be seen as one of the most efficient means of reaching audiences.

On a cost-per-conversion basis, the IAB estimates digital advertising to be five to six times as effective as traditional advertising.

7. Digital advertising is even more efficient than we previously thought

Likely, tools for measuring ROI are still underestimating the effectiveness of digital media today.

In cooperation with some leading companies in the consumer goods industry and Nielsen, a study was carried out to better understand the distribution of the media.

The results show that marketing mix models still underestimate digital advertising: The effectiveness of Facebook ads was underestimated by up to 48 percent and the effectiveness of ads on Google by 39 percent.


There you go, there is no doubt that digital marketing has a bright future.

The trajectory of digital marketing is expected to follow the same direction it has taken so far.

Furthermore, it can expand over time.

So, if you want to practice Digital Marketing, make it a priority.