CMS for Newbie Website Maker

Creating a website is one of the things that is difficult for some people. Especially beginners who have never even become acquainted with the world of computers, the internet especially websites. Beginners tend to think that making a website is complicated, dizzy and only certain people can. However, that was first! In contrast to now, making a website seems easy in the hand.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS is an information system that focuses on content. Quoted from Wikipedia, Content Management System is a software used to add and manipulate the contents of a website. So you can download CMS, install and customize it like a normal website. Do users have to create a website from scratch? No, you only need to install CMS and then manage content.

CMS is one of the ready made software and you only need to add content to make the website more perfect. So also in creating an online store or ecommerce website. You don’t need to make it from scratch or ask the developer for help. There are various CMS that you can use complete with shopping cart features, ordering features, payment features, shipping, managing customers, sales statistics and managing products. You only need to fill in the content and product specifications that you have. Then determine the price of each product, determine the shipping method, to determine the payment method that can be done.

CMS Suitable for Beginners

CMS is perfect for beginners, especially for those of you who have never known how to create a website. With CMS you don’t need to understand programming languages or how websites work. You also don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a professional website. You only need to know how to install, the website you want to create and the content that will be placed on the website. But you must still understand what a CMS is. Remember! To create a professional website or online store using CMS, the main strength is in the content. So, make sure you prepare your website content carefully in advance.

Knowing What is CMS

At the beginning, it was explained what CMS is. So, of course you already understand what CMS is. Now in order to be online and accessible to many people via the internet, CMS must be placed on Hosting. And in order to be recognized, CMS must be named. And the name is commonly known as Domain. Now we call CMS as a website. Website or CMS has various kinds of files such as website scripts, text, image files, video files and so on. In order for several websites to be accessed many people must be put on Hosting. And given a name such as website name (dot) com. Now the name of the website is commonly called a domain name. One of many CMS that is available to be used for creating website is Typo3. It has cheap theme and it is free for creating website. You can also make your responsive Website with this.