Average Of Radiologic Technologist Salary

Average Of Radiologic Technologist Salary

If you’re interested in entering the medical field, radiologic technologists may be an option. They assist with the imaging and other diagnostic procedures at a hospital or clinic. The job description involves administering contrast dye and positioning patients during tests, as well as operating equipment such as x-ray machines and CT scanners.

Average radiologic technologist salary

The average radiologic technologist salary is $72,000. This figure varies significantly by geographic region and metropolitan area. For example, the average salary for a radiologic technologist in the West Coast (California) is $83,000 while it’s only $60,000 in the South (Texas).

The highest paying metropolitan areas for this profession include San Jose with an average annual income of $97K; San Francisco ($94K); Los Angeles ($87K); and Seattle ($86K).

At the other end of spectrum are smaller cities like Tulsa ($64K), Indianapolis ($65K), Memphis ($66K) and Oklahoma City ($68K).

The highest paid technologist jobs

To get the highest paying jobs, you have to be in the most populated areas. To get into those areas, you need to be educated and affluent. And then you can use your technological knowledge to further advance yourself and make even more money! It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

How much them make per year?

The average for a radiologic technologist salary is $59,000. However, this number can vary widely depending on where you live and how many years of experience you have. In some states, RTs earn more than $100,000 per year while in other states they make less than $40k annually.

In addition to location and experience level, there are several other factors that influence how much money an RT makes:

  • Whether he works in private practice or at a hospital setting (hospitals tend to pay higher salaries)
  • Whether he works full-time or part-time hours (working more hours generally translates into higher paychecks)

The geographic location

The geographic location of the job can affect salary. The cost of living, housing, transportation and food will vary depending on where you live. For example:

  • In some areas of the country (like New York City) it’s more expensive to live than others (such as Des Moines).
  • If you live in an area with a high cost of living, then you may need to make more money just to get by financially because everything else costs so much more than other places. For example: if rent is $1K/month in one city but only $500/month somewhere else; then your paycheck should be bigger because otherwise you won’t have enough left over after paying for all those other things that add up quickly!

The experience

The experience of the RT may also affect their salary. The more experience a radiologic technologist has, the higher their salary will be. Experience is gained by working in a hospital or clinic, doing extra training courses and working overtime.


The radiologic technologist salary is an important factor to consider, especially when considering a career in this field. The average RT salary is $60,000 per year and can range from $44,000-$83,000 depending on the experience level of the individual and geographic location of employment.